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Your Eunique Alignment Assessment will include:

  • Analysis of Posture from the Front, Back, and Both Sides
    • Check Feet, Knees, Hips, Spine, Shoulders, and Head for Tilt, Lateral Shift, and Rotation
    • Check Spinal Curves
    • Check for shifts in posture, forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, hips set forward or back.
  • A complete discussion of the postural assessment
  • A program designed to correct the postural imbalances.
  •  Classes are scheduled periodically to help you maintain good alignment and educate you about good biomechanics.

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Alignment Analysis

Alignment Assessment

Are you plagued with aches and pains from your daily routine?

Does your back or shoulder always hurt but you don't know why?

Are you looking for a way to achieve optimal performance in your sport?

Think of your body as a stack of books, if all of the books are aligned, there is no problem, but if one book is out of place in the stack, the rest of the books have to be shifted to keep the stack balanced. The exact same thing happens in your body. An imbalance in your body will cause the rest of the body to shift in order to maintain its center of gravity.

A Structural Alignment Assessment is an analysis of your whole body in which imbalances are located and assessed. You will discover what your imbalances are, and receive a series of gentle exercise to bring your body back into a normal balance.

Benefits of Good Posture

Structural Alignment

So, our mothers and grandmothers knew what they were talking about when they told us to sit up and stand tall, pull your shoulders back. If you're a mother, maybe you have said the same thing. We need to keep saying it and help our children (and ourselves) understand why it's important. There are wonderful, healthful benefits to maintaining good posture, not only for our body, but for our whole self.

Poor posture can take a tremendous toll on your state of well-being. Besides contributing to lower back pain, bad posture may also contribute to:

Posture yourself for a pain free and successful life with a Eunique Structural Alignment Assessment.