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What is Chi Nei Tsang?

(pronounced chee nate song)

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a centuries-old variety of healing touch therapy from China. It focuses on deep, gentle abdominal massage in order to "train" the internal abdominal organs to work more efficiently, which in turn is said to improve physical and emotional health.

The words Chi Nei Tsang translate to "working the energy of the internal organs" or "internal organs chi transformation." CNT is based on the belief that unresolved emotional issues are stored in the digestive system and that poor "emotional digestion" is one of the main reasons for ill health.

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Chi Nei Tsang

(Chinese Abdominal Treatment)

CNT was first used a thousand years ago by Taoist monks in their monasteries to help detoxify, strengthen and refine their bodies in order to maintain the energy needed for their spiritual pursuits.

What conditions should Chi Nei Tsang be used for?

CNT treatment aims to:

Chi Nei Tsang
When structure can no longer be mobilized, when fibrous tissues replace elastic tissues, when arteries, nerves, or lymphatic systems are trapped in a stranglehold — then illness appears.
— Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), PT

CNT treatment "clears out negative influences and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, lumps, scar tissue, headaches, menstrual cramps, poor blood circulation, back pain, infertility, impotence, and many other problems... as well as to speed healing from injury, trauma, childbirth or surgery."

Reasons to avoid CNT may include pregnancy, the presence of an intrauterine device (IUD) or pacemaker, certain cancers and/or skin infections.

Chi Nei Tsang is considered a non-invasive therapy because it is a gentle massage and does not involve surgery or medications. Chi Nei Tsang is also considered holistic because the practitioner often looks at the client as a whole, considering psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects to the physical issues at hand.

One Woman's Story

Chi Nei Tsang

Molly, whose name we changed for confidentiality, noticed a severe pain in her lower abdomen when she was in her mid-twenties. After many non-invasive tests, her doctor was unable to arrive at a diagnosis for the pain.

Throughout the next year, Molly's condition started overtaking her body. First, her leg became swollen and painful. Next, her skin turned a greyish hue. Molly's belly became swollen, which only added to her abdominal pain. The only relief offered was from a hot water bottle. She and her doctor decided exploratory surgery was going to be necessary to determine what was happening.

Molly went into surgery expecting the problem to be in her reproductive system, which she was prepared to lose in order to regain her life. However, the exploratory surgery revealed a significant amount of damage. Every organ from her stomach to her colon was shutting down, including her liver, small intestine, large intestine, and gall bladder.

Her doctor referred her to a gastroenterologist, who blatantly told her that he was probably not going to find anything that he could treat. His arrogant attitude and lack of diagnosis pushed Molly into discovering alternative medicine.

Molly found a nearby Chi Nei Tsang massage studio, where master Chi Ne Tsang practitioner Gilles Marin worked on organ massage. Within a few moments of treatment, Marin prepared Molly for his diagnosis. He did not expect her to be happy to hear this after spending a year in pain without a diagnosis, but Marin's conclusion was that Molly was not breathing correctly.

In disbelief, Molly started openly expressing feelings of doubt. She told Marin that he did not even know what parts of her body hurt. He pointed to three spots on her stomach that were in constant pain for which she had previously had no explanation.

Marin then explained to Molly that she was breathing with her diaphragm rising instead of falling with each breath, as it was designed to do. This caused Molly's diaphragm to push forward, cutting off blood and Qi energy from her liver, which was now shutting down.

Marin also explained that breathing is how people digest their emotions, and that negativity had almost killed her. He said this without knowing that she had experienced an unhappy childhood and had recently found out about her husband having an affair with her friend. These emotions were killing her.

Molly spent the next several years training with Marin in breathing, releasing negative emotions, and massaging the organs with Chi Nei Tsang. Each session was followed by a day of intense emotional release. Her organs started thriving and her health returned. Molly now teaches Chi Nei Tsang to others who are in abdominal misery.

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